Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update: Lotus, Pitcher, and Venus

I checked the weather reports and it looks like it's not going to be warm enough for at least another week. I saw my electronic heating pad in my room and decided to use it to heat up some of my plants. The water lilies were too flooded so I only got to heat the lotus, pitcher plant, and venus fly trap seeds.

I placed the lotus jar and pitcher plant, venus fly trap seed tray on the heating pad and turned it on. There's a safety feature on the heating pad that only allows it to be on for 2 hours. So I had to turn it on several times a day.

So far nothing but I have seen more humidity in the seed tray.

The Lotus jar and Seed Tray

Pitcher Plant

Before I put the seed tray on the heating pad I noticed something that looked like a blade of grass growing out of one of the white pitcher plant compartments. This is the same seed starter that I'm using for my vegetables and flowers that I'm growing. I have noticed weeds growing in those seed trays. However, none of the weeds have looked like a blade of grass. I don't know what the germination of a pitcher plant looks like so I'm going to leave the the "blade of grass" in for now.

Start of a Pitcher Plant?

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