Saturday, March 12, 2011

Venus Fly Traps and Pitcher Plants

I got this urge to want to start growing water and swamp plants. So I went online and bought some water lily, lotus, Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant seeds. Today I decided to plant my Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant seeds.
These are the requirements I found online:

  1. Use nutrient lacking soil such. I'm using peat moss.
  2. Use only distilled or rain water. I placed a large trash can on the corner of my house and caught the rain.
  3. Keep the area humid and warm. I'll be using a plastic dome which will serve as a greenhouse over the seed tray.

I have these 12 compartment seed trays. Online I bought 50 Purple Pitcher Plant seeds, 10 white pitcher plant seeds, and 10 Venus fly trap seeds.
Here's how I planted the seeds:

  1. I filled the seed tray with seed starter.
  2. Using a water sprayer filled with rain water, spray the soil until top appears soaked.
  3. Slow pour rain water into each compartment. Keep pouring until water is dripping out of the bottom holes.
  4. Plant the seeds. I'm planting 6 Purple pitcher plant seeds, 3 white pitcher plant, and 3 venus fly traps. Gently push the seeds in, but don't worry about covering them.
  5. Cover them with the dome and place in a spot with a lot of sun light

According to the research I did online, it could take anywhere from 14 days to a few months for the seeds to sprout. I'll post when they sprout.

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